Open a backup - and be surprised...

A little word of warning (excuse me if this has come up before):

If there is more than one .sboard file in a project, and you open it from a .sbbkp backup file, it does not open the LATEST file, but the first one alphabetically!
Sometimes the scenes are renamed, and sometimes a copy of the .sboard file is made for safety. Then, when you then send the .sbbkp of it to a co-worker, when this person opens the project from this backup, it may open the wrong file. If the change is small, you have the co-worker continuing work on the wrong project file!

SO: If you want to be sure you are working on the right file, then after unpacking a backup, close it, then open the project from the proper .sboard file!

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I am still confused about how SB Pro saves files in directory form. If I want to create a new iteration of a projects (Version 02, for example) and I add a version extension to the project name, I save it. I assume the new version is saved in its own directory with project V02 name. But when I open the V02 directory, I still see original version .sboard file along with V02 .sboard. How does that work?

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