opaque parts showing through each other

Hi all -

I have a character comprised of different components, arms, legs, head, etc all on different elements. The character is supposed to be slightly opaque (like a ghost), an alpha setting of 125 as opposed to the norm of 256. Problem is that when you place one opaque component upon another, that portion that is in union with the one below seems to have its color value doubled whereby the color is denser and the lines beneath show through. is there some way, other than making sure that each sub component is drawn so that its lines do not touch the lines of the component above it, to maintain the opaque values despite having other opaque components atop it? hope this makes sense :slight_smile: thanks, dan

Hi Pat,

Are you doing the alpha trick straight in the color or are you doing it in a Color Transform effect.

The way you should be doing this is with a Color Transform effect in which you should check the Flatten checkbox. This will remove the intersection sections you are mentioning making a single flat alpha applied all over your character.

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Hi Ugo -

You are a genius … I never thought to use the transform effect … the sad part is that i use that effect a lot … so you think a bell would have gone off … must be the cold, snow and ice affecting my brain :slight_smile:
Thanks for the quick reply and help … dan