Only the X Mouth Gets Mapped in...Why?


I had some problems with the automatic lip sync before so I just gave up and started doing it manually, which works fine.

Recently though, I decided to give it another shot. I have drawn only seven mouth positions for my character, and labeled them A to X in my
"mouths" element (I think I left out D). I then brought in my sound file and mapped it to that element. As soon as I did this though, all the mouths became the X (closed) mouth.

Thought maybe this was a problem with the sound file (was using a wav file recorded in Audacity) so switched to an MP3 file recorded in Garage Band and tried again. Same problem. Could someone tell me why this is
happening? Is it because I don’t have the D drawing? Or is it a problem
with the sound file? I am recording with a USB-connected external mike on a black macbook. It’s a good mike and there doesn’t appear to be any background noise at all (both files very clear).

I don’t mind going back to manual, but even a limited automatic function seems so useful for simple projects that I’d hate to not be able to take advantage of it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.




You might have forgotten a step in the process. First in the Sound Editor did you generate the lip sync by pressing the lip sync button. If it you do that you should see the little character’s face do the lip syncing in the sound editor itself. If he does not then there might be something with the sound.

Then once this is done you can go ahead with the lip sync mapping. If you do not have any D shaped mouth you may want to set this mouth to the X drawing so that the software can process a drawing in the D shape occasion.

Hope this helps you figure what is going on.