only partial export from 4.5


For some reason, when I try to export my current movie - 1 scene, 460 frames, it only gets to 15%. I have no keyframes other than the first and last. There is a single camera that moves through the scene - plays fine inside toonboom. but very infuriating that I can’t get it out.

I’ve played around with the export settings, full movie - all, etc.


Are you using a lot of pencil lines in your scene?

Also, did you use the feather edge option?

You may want to convert all pencils to brush before the export, this should help the processing. As for the feather edge make sure you don’t use too many steps. Even if it looks better on screen this generate a lot of vector shape that will slow your render down.



Hi Ugo, txs for the reply. Got v5 but still same problem.

I’m not using any pencil or feather fx.

I have about 12 photos, optomised as .png with
transparency. They are pics of people. I was going for
the sort of 3d fx with the camera slowly advancing thru
the scene - the figures then seem to move relative to one another-
very cool :slight_smile: and it plays fine in preview, but only reaches
about 18% of export and just stops. That’s about 1-2 seconds worth.
I’ve played with every export option I can find.
Of course, I exported as . Tif and got it working in flash. Don’t think that would
be your preferred workaround though?
My computer is 3.2 dual core, so processing shouldn’t be the problem?


At this point I think we would need to get the project itself to do some debugging to figure what could be in cause. If you are willing to provide us some material you can e-mail us at and we can provide you an ftp for you to upload to content if you don’t have any mean to send it yourself.

Best regards,