Only one brush preset Harmony 12 Advanced

Why am I not seeing the usual list of preset brushes? I only see Brush 1, which has a maximum value of 12.


Toon Boom support gave me the answer in a most timely fashion. I had to delete my preferences and restart.
Thank you, Alexis.

Couldn’t you write this answer given by TB; I’ve readed somewhere else than it’s a problem of preset folder but I didn’t touch to this.
I rather tried to uninstall, CClean PC, restart, reinstall and still…

Thanks for your help, or anyone…

This just happened to me for no reason. I was working in a scene, I walked away for maybe 15 min, and when I came back all I had was Brush 1 in my presets. VERY annoying and is clearly glitch. Nothing happened to my work station while I was gone.

Did you try restarting the software to see whether that alone restored things?

Did deleting the preference file and restarting restore things?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

hello I have the same problem. how did you do it? I tried to reset my preferences from edit>preferences but my default brushes didn’t returned

I have also tried reinstalling and it did not work

Did you actually take the preference file and delete it from your system?

I’m experiencing the same problem, even after resetting preferences and after a complete reinstall. I really hated losing all my custom shortcuts.

mmh, delete my preferences…

Those located in TB program folder or rather in the appdata? do I have any precautions before to delete these? do I have to reinstall the program then? I tried those in the appdata, nothing changed but I’d rather replace the ‘tool Presets.xml’ file, -wich says 2 brushes, but I need a good file to swap it.

OK, I deleted all TB data except for my files… uninstall, clean PC, reinstalled: all presets are back. Could you then tell me wich folder I should keep to be replace it in case of…

Tks and have a good day all,


Yap, I precautionnaly exported them then…

As it was said above, you should delete the preferences from your system, not resetting them in Harmony. In Windows, preferences are located in the folder C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony\full-1200-pref. In Mac, I suppose it’s somewhere on Libraries, maybe, just look for Toon Boom directories or ‘1200-pref’.

You can simply rename that directory (change to full-1200-pref_bak or full-1200-pref_old, for instance). When you close the program, preferences will be updated and when you open it the default prefs will be created if non-existent. So, you can close the software and rename the dir, then open the software again. You should have the default brushes back then.

Files/folders specific to brushes (inside the full-1200-pref dir) are penstyles.xml, penstyle_opacity.plt and penstyle_opacity_textures (dir), so you can try to rename just those two files and that folder or copy them to another location for backup. It’s better to always backup before deleting.

This also happened to me and Support said that they expect it to be solved for next release or build. It’s probably related with having more than one instance/window of Harmony opened and that resulting in conflict when updating the preferences files/folder.

I suggest backing up you brushes if you custom or create new ones by exporting them all in one single xml or by project or type.

Luis Canau

Thanks for taking the time to write out this detailed solution, and also providing recommendations. Following your instructions, I now have all my brushes back. Thanks! Nathan

Thank , it helpful give me a detail. I used toon boom harmony 15, I deleted the old " full-1500-pref” and created ”full-1500-pref_old" after closed toon boom

When you open toon boom window, all recent file is gone, you can try open on below left and open it that you want find it…

Have a good day.