Only bitmap image shows in export to QT or SWF

I have TBS 2.0

I can import a bitmap image to use as a background and it works great as a background within TBS. My vector drawn animation appears appropriately on top of the background image when I play my scene in TBS.

But when I export to Quicktime or to SWF all that shows up is the background. None of the vector animation that was visible in TBS shows up.

What is wrong?

You are testing my memory but I believe that the order of elements in the exposure sheet was different in TBS versions prior to V2.5 so your problem may be that the background is layered on top of your foreground elements so try reversing the order of the elements. Your bitmap image is not transparent so it is blocking the foreground art from view. Just a suggestion since you are using a version from 2004 and the world has changed significantly since then. -JK

Remember I said it appears correctly when played in ToonBoom. The manual says the left-most layer is the bottom one and that is where I have it. Guessing that the manual might be wrong I had tried placing it in the rightmost column but that makes it appear in front in ToonBoom and, not surprisingly, still in front in exports to QT or SFW.

Backgrounds were backgrounds even in the 2004 world and placing a background BEHIND other artwork is a stated feature of V2 and there’s no reason it shouldn’t work as described in the manual.

Again… it works properly within ToonBoom… it’s the export to QT or SWF that fails to display the background properly in back.