Onion Skinning; Specific frames in Timeline

Is there is a way to specify which frames to onion skin?

Mainly the goal is to compare certain inbetweens with key/extreme position drawings.

The work around so far is dragging frames in the timeline put them next to each other and return them to their original place. Is there a way to specify which frames to reveal in the onion skin without all the intermediary drawings?

Not that I’m aware of. I posted about this in Feature Requests awhile ago. Mirage/TVPaint had a great onion skinning system where you could use sliders to determine how much (if any) of any particular frame you wanted to see - I’d love to see something similar in TB products (because they’re much better overall in my opinion). Coming from a traditional background I’m always looking to replicate the way you can selectively look at drawings by spacing your fingers out while you roll the drawings. I’ll be interested to see if anybody has devised any other ways of doing this.

I understand that sentiment completely. Thanks for clarifying.