onion skinning,its not working, what am i doing wrong?

Ive painted a background and imported it in to toonboom and created a working cut out character. But i’m actually stuck on the most simple thing.
onion skinning!! it should just be a click of the button i’ve even gone in to preferences and ticked several boxes. . I’m in camera view, which I should still see the previous frame right? its so frustrating because its so simple.
can any one one help?

If you are using image elements for your cut out character, you want to go to the View Menu and make sure that the selection Onionskin>Show Outline on Onionskin is not check marked. If it is check marked un-select this feature. Beyond that, you just need to Turn Onion Skinning ON and select the number of Previous or Next drawings to be visible. Hope this helps -JK

I am using TBS5 and I am not seeing my prev or next drawings in the camera view. Onionskin>Show Outline on Onionskin is not checked. I do see the prev/next in the drawing view.

Also, can you clarify the behavior that I should experience. In the drawing mode I see the prev/next drawings. In the camera view, will I see the prev/next drawing or the prev/next frame?

Please advise,

I know a little more about the problem. When in the camera view, all visible elements are onion skinned, not just the highlighted element. But the onion skinning does not honor the level of the elements. So if I have a full screen background element layer, that covers up the shaded onion skinning of the layers above it.

The capability problem I need to solve is that I need to see the background element to draw element correctly that I am working on. The Background element is a .tbt that has been scaled and positioned in the timeline view with scale and transform tools. There does not appear to be a way to get that transformed .tbt to the static light table or visible as it is transformed anywhere but in the camera view.

But that leads us back to the problem of onion skinning not working when that .tbt background element is made visible.

Hi guys!
I reeeeeaaaaaly need help. I have toon boom harmony advanced, but the onionskins don’t come in that version and i don’t want to upgrade to premium, since it costs six hundred dollars. Anybody have any suggestions?

The onion skinning feature is available in Harmony Advanced also.
Go to the View menu of Harmony:
Menu-View-Onion Skin-Show Onion Skin (or alt+O shortcut).

I have noted onion skin doesn´t work from panel to panel if they are in separated sequences. Make sure that’s not the issue.