Onion Skin won't work/show previous or next frames

I just downloaded Storyboard Pro 7 and While messing around with the program I discovered that my onion skin option does not work.

I’ve tried every way of turning it on that I know; clicking the icon, going through the view tab, and even using the hotkeys. Still, no red or green frames show up when it is on.

I have made sure to turn it on before I draw frames and after I draw frames ( I do not know if this matters.)

I have tried making a new project to see if something was just off about the 1st one, still no luck.

I have tried shutting down and restarting my computer.

If it means anything, the first thing I did in the program (besides draw a few lines) was assign new hotkeys, but not to a lot of things.

I am currently thinking about uninstalling the program and reinstalling it back again, but I am slightly worried about what would happen if I uninstall it.


Hello Jaden_ACjuQOz,

Please contact our support department at desk@toonboom.com, they are the team best equipped to help you solve whatever issue you are encountering.

Thanks and good luck!

  • Toon Boom team