Onion Skin Storyboard (Not Pro)

Is onion skinning available in the non pro version of Storyboard?
If so, I cant find how to turn it on…


Hi kallis

Not that I am aware of.
But it has a lighttable feature. You can use this by copy layer from last panel and paste them in present panel. If you use many layers this is probably not a good solution, and will be more of a mess.

Another way can then be to create a colorswatch or two with transparensy and suitable color. Then after pasting in the layers from last or next panel, you repaint them.You then just turn on and of the layers as needed. This is taking som preparation and memory ,but will probably function well if you rarely use it. If you use it regularly in the prosess, mabee think of an upgrade. There was an icredibly cheap offer not long ago. So at least one can keep an eye on the promotions.

Best regards

Ok, thanks for your answer Ivar, Ill try it out.


If you find a good way. Please post it here for others to benefit.