onion skin - settings

A few questions on the onion skin.

  1. Can you change the colors of the onionskin images. Now it´s green and light red. I would be good to be able to change. for me these colors are not the very best.

  2. Is there a way to change the opacity of the onion skin images?

  3. When I have a colored image in the layer and use the onion skin the image just becomes a siluett. I usually just need to see the lines but how can you change the settings so you only se the lines. You can unpaint the images but that is not a good sollution I think.

best regards


  1. Preferences => General => Colours => Edit Colours => Drawing => Onion Skin

  2. Preferences => Drawing => Light Table => Onion Skin opacity and wash options are on the right

  3. Preferences => Drawing => Light Table => Onion Skin Render Style => choose Outline Only


Is that possible to have shade + outline ?

It’s hard for me to know what’s going on here :

See o0Ampy0o’s post above for where to change settings.