Onion Skin render above given layer

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to have the onion skin guides render on top of the current drawing layer. I’ve been working mostly in the Camera View because it behaves the most like software I know, and I suspect there may be a way to use the Desk or the Drawing View to do this. It’s been important because I’m animating in a style without outlines, and I like to have some of my drawings filled to make sure they’re working, but I sometimes need to draw lines that are internal to filled regions.
My current workarounds are to unfill regions, or set their colours’ alpha values lower, but this is pretty fiddly and annoying, so any help or advice would be rad!


does the Outline Mode do what you want?

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Good suggestion, stefman! Indeed the outline mode would be a good way to achieve something like this. At the moment, there is no way to set the onion skin above the layer on which you are working.

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Thanks Stefman, the outline mode is very helpful. I initially thought you mean the outline only onion skin mode, but I realised what you meant quickly. I’ll move this thought to the feature request section.