Onion Skin range doesnt show

Hello Toon Boom users and affiliates!

My file had onion layers enabled, however, I cannot seem to find the onion skin range that’s on the timeline. The onion skin feature is working since I can see previous layers in red. However, I cant find a way to see the bar where I can know what “previous” and “after” layers are.

I believe the picture itself will help clarify the situation

Help is much appreciated

Do you have Onion Skin By Drawings selected instead of Onion Skin By Frames?

Go to View => Onion Skin => (at the 4th grouping you will have the two options)

This option will be automatically turned on once you enable the onion skin for key, breakdown or in-between. The reason it is turned off once you use that option to prevent the confusion for the user to check the onion skin range since the onionskin of before and after drawings are not following the range (frame) in the Time Line.

I will be keeping your case open and looking forward to hearing back from you.

see https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NKEpwqOqdXSHJEnJWJVqKmmeJXjD2cvz/view?usp=sharing

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This helped alot Thank you so much!

I had the same issue.
Did not realize the difference.

Thanks for the question and the solution!!

If this is not selected the two (start and end) markers move relative to the play head your texas benefits.