Onion Skin Problem/error

I don’t know if animate is meant act like this but

I select the onion skin on one layer and then click on a different layer and the onion skin becomes active even though it isn’t turned on for that layer.

Is there a way of stopping this behaviour? Is this the way it was designed and intended to work?

The way that the onion skinning works is that if you have onion skinning turned on, whatever your current selected layer is it will always show the onion skinning. However, if you turn on the onion skin on other layers, it will also show the onion skin on those layers even in addition to the currently selected layer.

There is no way to turn off the onion skin for the currently selected layer.

I hope that clears it up. :slight_smile:

Toon Boom Support

Guess this needs to be a feature request then ;D