Onion skin pencil only?

Hi, just a simple question.

Is there a way, when using the onion skin to see pencil lines only?

Meaning I sometimes do a full drawing coloured, and when I animate it frame by frame, the onion skin pencil lines are blocked by the coloured stuff or brush tool, and I find myself having to delete all the colouring in I’ve done, to see the pencil lines in onion mode.

If you are only previewing one element, click the Camera icon at the bottom of the Camera View and select “Current Drawing on Top”, then select the Line art option next to that. Alternately just select the line art region and do it in the Drawing View.

If you need to see multiple elements at one time, use the script called “TB_Set_Properties_On_Many_Layers” to temporarily disable the color art region.

You may need to go into the preferences and select Advanced Element Mode from the advanced tab (and reboot AniPro) if you’re using the first method.

I’m afraid I can’t seem to make it work, I’ve selected current drawing on top in the camera icon, and it’s still the same.

I also cannot locate drawing view.

Perhaps it’s because I’m using Animate 2?

Instead of deleting the colouring you could just lower the opacity of those colours. It’s a workaround I use.