onion skin options?

Hello again!

So one of the things that frustrates me a bit in Animate is the onion skinning. In Flash, when you hit the onion skin button you can see through your current frame to the previous and next drawings. Being able to see through the current drawing really aids in being able to situate your in-between properly.

In Animate, the current drawing is more or less opaque. Is there any way to pull down its transparency some? I played around with the onion skin settings and didn’t seem to have much luck. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi FrankS

Under is a link to an old thread on the topic.
I posted a video there that show how to take advantage of Toon Boom’s color swatches to make it possible to design the look of the onionskin. This is for Animate Pro, but I think the basic idea will function well with Animate as well.
Sorry for the sound on the video it’s horrible.
Here’s a link to the video:


Here is a link to the old forum topic:


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A way to make your current drawing semi-transparent is to create a clone palette. In the cloned palette I make all the fill-colors semi transparent. When I want a semi-transparent drawing I highlight the clone palette in the Color view and when I want full color I go back to the main palette. When you have cloned palettes the one that is the highest in the palette list will be used when rendering.

I leave the line work at full opacity but you could change that also if you want.