onion skin option over drawing rather than under

did i see somewhere there’s an option to view the onion skin transparency over a drawing, rather than under a drawing, so it doesn’t get covered up by the drawing and painting on the current frame?

Not sure exactly what you are having a problem with. The onion skin has the option to adjust adding and reducing frames both before and after the drawing layer you are drawing on. There is more than one location/approach to making this adjustment. Please search Onion Skin in the documentation. Searchable documentation is available online and downloaded with the software. The documentation in a searchable format is available to download or online even if you do not own any form of license.

not what i’m asking.
and yes, i constantly do search docs, and the forum, and web in general. when i find nothing, that’s when i post here.

what i AM asking, is if the onion skin can superimpose over the current image, rather than under it. so while you’re drawing you don’t cover it up with your drawing.
seems like i saw that somewhere in the documentation.

I answered that question. Sounds like you need to remove the future onion skinning. Superimposed over the current drawing is future frames. Turn that off and you won’t have onion skin superimposed over the current drawing layer.

again, i’m not referring to “before” or “after” or “past” or “future”. i’m asking about “under” and “over”.
(i’m posting a link to a screenshot as i guess we can’t attach images to replies; or at least i don’t see that option.)

you’ll note that both red (#1 previous) and green (#3 following) skins appear under, not over, the current blue (#2) frame.

Thanks for uploading the image. Explore the Light Table and Current Drawing On Top feature in conjunction with Onion Skin.