Onion skin lock?

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I was wondering if there is a way to lock the onion skin in Animate Pro 3, as there is in Flash.

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I looked for anything related to Anchoring in Flash but have not found it in Animate Pro.

Thank you very much for your trouble.

I will check out all those links.



Could you describe a more details?
I understand the meaning of what you want the onion skin shows you specified drawing.

@Loong, Here is some information about the Anchoring feature in Flash:

"Note: Locked layers (those with a padlock icon active next to the layer name) aren’t displayed when onion skinning is turned on. To avoid a multitude of confusing images, you can lock or hide the layers you don’t want onion-skinned.

To change the display of onion skin markers, click the Modify Onion Markers button and select an item from the menu:

• Always Show Markers displays the onion skin markers in the Timeline header whether or not onion skinning is on.

• Anchor Onion locks the onion skin markers to their current position in the Timeline header. Normally, the Onion Skin range is relative to the current frame pointer and the Onion Skin markers. By anchoring the Onion Skin markers, you prevent them from moving with the current frame pointer."

• Onion 2/5/All (three separate options) displays two, five, or all frames on either side of the current frame.

[ source ] http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/learning_guide/animation/part04.html


the option Anchor Onion allows for the Onion Skin to be anchored on that timeline for example if my Onion skin range is at frame 4 to 6 when i go to say frame 8 the Onion Skin range will remain at 4 to 6.”

[ source ] http://anipedia.thebackalleys.com/index.php/Tutorial:Onion_skinning


“You can prevent the onion skin markers from moving each time you select a new frame in the Timeline. Set the markers to encompass the frames you want to see together. From the Modify Onion Markers menu choose Anchor Onion. As long as you keep selecting frames inside the anchored range the anchored set of frames stays in Onion Skin mode.”

[ source ] https://books.google.com/books?id=CRL36FF3bBIC&pg=PT440&lpg=PT440&dq=anchoring+onion+skin+in+flash&source=bl&ots=XBZrzn_nlb&sig=HQIHeifZ7RlEGa-SqGsT1D1WOVk&hl=en&sa=X&ei=wQoCVYv1GZCoogTGwILYBA&ved=0CCQQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=anchoring%20onion%20skin%20in%20flash&f=false

I use the flash is very skilled, so I understand that the original poster.
and then, toon boom software can do this!
my solution:
first, you need click “Windows - Toolbars - Mark Drawing” to show mark drawing toolbar,
and mark you want show drawings as Key-Drawing in the timeline view or XSheet view.

second, click “Windows - Toolbars - Onion Skin” to show onion skin toolbar,
and press “show key drawings in onion skins” icon,
now, you can only see you want drawings in the Drawing view.


frame by frame input the 1234567890 numbers in the Camera view, and enable onion skin function, you can see all numbers.

and then, show mark drawing toolbar and onion skin toolbar.

at last,mark you want show drawings as Key-Drawing in the timeline view,
and press “show key drawings in onion skins” icon, you can only see 3 and 8 key drawings in the Drawing view.

Thank you for looking.

Yeah it’s a pretty obscure feature but in my particular situation it would’ve been very helpful.

Thanks anyway.