Onion Skin/Light Table not working correctly

A brief background. Two days ago I had some sudden computer trouble that concluded with me having no choice bur to roll back* my PC to an earlier version, at the cost of my hard drives’ files and programs. (My OS is Windows 7 Professional)
As a result I had to redownload my copy of Toon Boom Harmony Advanced 14 in order to continue work on a project file I had thankfully stored on an external hard drive.

Everything seems mostly fine, my file is loading and I’m continuing work on it. Only there is an awful problem that is hampering my work.
The Onion Skin is not functioning correctly.

The problem therein the transparency appears to be unable to function. Normaly (as I understand it) the previous and next images appear as translucent “ghost images” of red and green etc. In this instance they appear as normal lines and images sharing the same image.

The Transparency problem seems to carry over to the Light Table as well. They are supposed to appear washed out but instead they are clear as day.

I’ve tried everything I can think of, I would attempt debug mode but I don’t really know that I’m doing; my only feeling is to maybe delete the program and re-download and see if that fixes things. I’m not fully sure what to do otherwise. If a veteran could offer guidance on that front I’ll be grateful.

I’ve provided a messy image below with hopefully enough visible info to show my problem. (What I have toggled on etc) I’m a practising amateur so I apologize for the ugliness.

(I attempted to reinstall and repair but nothing happened to it. Hence why I’m wondering if I should just delete and redownload.)

I’d appreciate any kind of assistance, if you please.
Thank you.

Major Update: With my roll back I had to start anew so I’ve had to redownload updates. I saw an NVIDIA update in the list after I posted this, to redownload. Long story short I might have it fixed now. Testing now.