Onion skin issues

Is anyone else having this problem or better yet knows how to fix it? I’m working on a Mac (G5 OS X) in TBS 3.5. My onion skin used to work, but now all I get are faint white blobs where I can’t see strokes or color. Similar to the color shading prfrence but the stroke or brush is even less defined. I used to get full color, distinct images. One day it just stopped working that way. My co-worker and fellow animator has the same problem and is experiencing other odd issues. We have experimented with various Light table settings in prefrences and nothing helps. Showing strokes doesn’t help either. If we can’t use onion skin we cannot animate. Any answers?

Using TBS 3.5 / iMac G5 (intel) / NVidea GeForce 7600 GT / OSX 10.4.10

No problem here.
I presume you have enabled colour shading in the onion-skin preferences / red and green,
or any other colour.

Under View / Onion Skin / check / uncheck “Show Outline on Onion skin”.

Try and change OpenGL to Quartz2D or the other way round,
and check all the other Rendering Options.


Nothing I do appears to work. Oddly enough the problem is scene specific. Onion skin is working everywhere else. Any other ideas?
I think it may be related to a mask I have in place. I seem to have a lot of problems with those doing wonky things (at least in version 3). I will continue to play with it and see what happens. Thanks for your help.