Onion Skin Issues

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I have two layers, the bottom layer is my initial Roughs, the top layer is my “clean Roughs.” What I’m trying to do is to let the initial roughs be the guide for my refinements (making sure things are on model, adding some additional keyframes, and such) on the Clean Roughs layer.

According to the UG, I should be able to select which layer to be onion skinned. So I was hoping to just onion skin the Clean Roughs layer and view the current frame only of the Initial Roughs layer. I just can’t make one layer Onion Skinned – when I activate Onion Skinning (either via tool bar, menu command or the Onion Skin icon on the layer in the timeline) I get onion Skinning for All visible layers.

It seems to me that the timeline layer onion skin icons don’t do anything but turn on onion skinning for all visible layers. Or am I misunderstanding the User’s Guide?

Thanks for any and all assistance and I want to make clear that although I’ve been posting a lot of “issue” stuff, I am still very happy with Animate and acknowledge that as a first version of software there may be lots of rough edges.



Are you only working with 2 layers or do you have more element then that. The onion skin buttons in the timeline are working though be aware that the element you are working on will always be show in onion skin regardless of the fact you triggered it on or off. This being said if you work with a lot of layers you will be able to disable some of them while keeping the other using the timeline onion skin tool.



It seems that Onion Skinning works as advertised only in the Drawing View and not in the Camera view.

And I’m using Onion Skin in a traditional way, to get a feel for the frames behind and infront of the cell I’m currently in, using Drawing layers and exposures.

The manual (as far as I can tell) only relates how to use Onion Skin for Cut-out puppets; not so much for hand drawn animation. While the Getting Started guide has a bit on creating Hand drawn animation, it seems that its focus is on a very short walk cycle and gives little to build on when trying to create a longer animation. And that’s what I’m going to have to figure out.

Thanks again, Ugo.

I’m not sure why you can’t do this but here it seems to work. In the camera view.

Both levels

Clean with onion skin.

Roughs with onion skin

I didn’t use the general onion skin button but the layer ones. When I put the two on I had to take off both of them and then choose the one I wanted.

In the Drawing view it doesn’t work the same. In that case I use the onion on the clean and activated the Lighttable also so it showed me the rough drawing corresponding. The only thing I found in the Drawing view is that if you have more layers you cannot hide them when the Lighttable is on.