Onion Skin issues!

I turn on onion skin and IF it shows any previous drawings they’re horribly skewed and nowhere near the position. Im just trying to rough in some keys with the brush tool and it wont show me the correct previous drawings or the ones that follow. This rough drawing is done on an independent drawing layer that has a master peg. I’m not new to harmony, so i know to move the sliders in the timeline to “expose” more onion skin drawings, i do that it and it goes nuts. Anyone else having this issue?

Ok. some further information. the onion skin works FINE when i turn off all my character rigs and only have my rough layer turned on, but that isnt very convenient since i want my rigs on to reference the design and size…

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using any deformers?

If so, it sounds like your deformation zones are messing with the new drawings and your nodes are not set up correctly.

You should describe more details about what you have in these rigs.

The drawing modules i’m using for my roughs are not in the rigs and the rigs dont have deformers on em. they all hook up to main comp, but the roughs module isnt associated with the character rigs. it’s all separate. we have about 30 seats of harmony in the studio and my harmony is the only one having issues. maybe a reinstall is the only solution? we’ll see.

Sounds like it may be a graphic card problem from your description.
Which graphic card model are you using and how many monitors
do you have attached to the system?