Onion Skin in Harmony 16

Hello! I’m using the new version of the software and I wonder why I can’t see the onion skin range controllers in the timeline as usual. I only see the button controls on top (here’s an screen capture Imgur: The magic of the Internet )

I’m not using the Advance Onion Skin btw.

Thanks in advance!

Try Menu-View-Onion Skin-Add to Onion Skin
Does that cause the timeline marker to appear?

Hey! That didn’t helped but in the same menu I found out that I needed to change to Onion Skin By Frames instead of by Drawing.

Thank you!

Also I have another question about Harmony 16 (I’m using the Advanced version btw), I have set my eraser to leave a rounded ends when I erase lines created by the Pencil.
But when I’m using the Pencil and hold E to access the Eraser for temporarily change tools, the Eraser doesn’t keep the rounded ends. I have to change tools manually and that’s a waste of time.

Is it a bug or is there any preference I have to change.

Thank you so much for your help!