Onion Skin Handles not Visible in Timeline

When I try to use Onion Skin the handles on the timeline that you can adjust to include more or fewer frames, is not visible in my timeline. I have selected an object like an arm in the scene I animated and activated the onion skin but there are no handles. In fact, now I don’t even see the drawing positions of the other frames in the window. I have tried both the Advance Onion skin and the regular from the drop-down menu and I have adjusted the sliders in the Onion Skin View. I have Harmony 17.2. It has never worked for me since I started using it. I have read the material in the Online Help.

I do have the cursor for the scrubbing slider in the Timeline View but there are no Handles for Onion Skin.

Hold down the Onion Skin button in the Toolbar.
From the dropdown select Show Onion Skin.
You’ll see a red and green handle in the timeline.

If you select Show Advanced Onion Skin the handles disappear.
You can now use the Advanced Onion Skin feature in your Tool Properties window.