Onion Skin Handles are Gone

The handles for my onion skin on the timeline have gone and cannot for the life of me find out why or how to reactivate them.

(these are totally gone for me)

I can turn on the onionskin toolbar and still extend the range but the actual handles are gone and are much easier to work with. Any ideas?

Have tried restarting the program, opening a difference scene, restarting the computer, resetting the workspace, none of the above have worked

I believe, you should try to go to view - > onion skin → and check onion skin by frames, that was my issue.

Do the handles come back if you go into menu-View-Onion Skin to select three previous and three next drawings?

i managed to solve this by clicking view > onion skin > onion skin by frames!
not sure why the setting suddenly changed for me, but that seemed to fix it for me!

I’m having the same problem in Harmony 20 Premium. I have it set to “Show Onion Skin” and “Onion Skin by Frames” is selected but the handles still don’t appear in the timeline. Somebody please help!


Found a fix for anyone who might encounter the same problem. In Edit > Preferences, I had “Flat Tool Toolbar” enabled under the General > Options tab. Make sure you uncheck that, restart the software and the problem should be gone.

It’s annoying as I prefer not to have my icons nested, but it will have to do until it the bug is fixed.