Onion Skin -glitch?

I thought it is how toon boom’s onion looks like but looking through tutorials their onion skin works fine.
When I set onion skin to normal or enable shade I basically find the previous and next drawings on full opacity and same color, but when i do the outline only option the colors change as supposed to, however the outline option looks like this: http://s44.photobucket.com/user/Ann-imator/media/Untitled_zpsuyioclic.png.html

It looks too rough for me to work with, also the lines conect for some reason, can I at least be able to change the line thickness?

Is that how it should look? If so, how can i make it look like this?: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-g2CkHw0eU20/Ta3H2YT3ykI/AAAAAAAAvWs/Dx4Pj4YwXws/s1600/4smallerbrush.jpg

Hi Ann,

The reference you have here is the option Enable Shade.

It’s possible that the Onion Skin opacity parameters in your Preferences panel have been changed and are not reflecting the right thing.

Could you post a screenshot of what your enable shade onion skin looks like?

You can see the preferences for the onion skin here:


I hope this helps!


Well then the Enable Shade option doesn’t work well here is how it looks and i have the same settings as your reference: http://s44.photobucket.com/user/Ann-imator/media/Untitledrt7te_zpsxriq3rho.png.html
even though I have in my settings the colors red and green as default, it still gets me the original color and in full opacity.
I am downloading quicktime atm though, will it fix this?

Edit: downloaded and installed. Nothing changed.

Hi Ann,

What is your graphic card and when was the last time the drivers were updated.

Could you send your Preference file?