Onion Skin doesn't work in drawing view

Anyone else having trouble with Animate Pro and onion skin in the drawing view? It works well in the camera view, but in drawing view Onion Skin doesn’t obey the Onion Skin preferences correctly. Instead of getting gradually more and more transparrent as expected it’s impossible to separate the previous frames since they look equally opaque! Or even worse, frames tend to look more opaque the farther away in time. Take a look at the screenshot:



I think it actually has something to do with the values that you are using in your preferences. The default options seems to be reacting properly, try to set a specific range in the wash value instead of 0 for Max and Min (I tried 0.7 to 0.2 and it seem to look similar to what you got in Camera in my Drawing view).



Hey, thanks for the tips. This actually helped me finding the REAL cause of the problem! It’s the OpenGL Realtime Antialiasing that messes up the onion skin in Drawing View! Once I turn antialiasing off it works as expected :slight_smile: Good enough for me, but Toon Boom crew, take a look at the antialias routines and see if you can fix it, will you :wink: