Onion Skin Doesn't Look Right and Won't Change Opacity

Hi, folks!

Some time back I must have clicked something that totally messed up my onion skin feature. I’m attaching an image of what it looks like. I’m not getting regular lines…I’m getting what is almost like OUTLINES of lines? I am also unable to change the opacity with the top light.

What’s going on? I can’t seem to find what I’ve done!


Thank you!



I am guessing you are using Harmony 16.

In the settings ( left upper corner ) in the Onion Skin window you can choose how you want to see the images. One choice is coloured outline. I guess you have that selected.

Another way that would make you see the outlines of the drawings is if you klick on the coloured square in image layer. There you can set the color of the layer so its easier to a better overview of the layers but if you only click once ( the square gets an outline instead of the default filled color ) the image will show an outline.

I hope this helps

/ Mattias

If I am understanding this correctly the problem is that the lines themselves are hollow. They are outlines of lines. I do not believe the OP is asking about the Coloured Outline, Coloured and Original Colour Onion Skin options (which includes outline only vs. silhouette).

If I am correct, I would try the following in Preferences:

  1. Make notes of any changes you made to your Preferences
  2. Select Restore All Defaults
  3. Close the software
  4. Reopen the software
  5. Reselect the preferences you wish to retain.