Onion skin display method switching problems

In Harmony there are 2 ways to display Onion Skin: by Frames and by Drawings.

Problem Nr1: in order to change the display method, we must change it in 2 different locations - on the Tools panel and in the Onion Skin window. Otherwise it doesn’t fully work.
Why would this be necessary is beyond my understanding - one button should be enough. It takes too much time to switch between these views in a normal workflow. (see screenshot)

Problem Nr2: This doesn’t work at all if I use a flat Tool’s Panel - the option to "Show Onion Skin"and “Show Advanced Onion Skin” are linked and cannot be used separately and will always stay on Advanced Onion Skin, which means I am unable to use the normal By Frames view beyond 10 frames because the onion skin handles do not show in this mode! (See screenshot)

I hope this can be solved soon. thanks