Onion Skin Art Layer

How do you onion skin only your active art layer while still seeing all of the current art layers. I animated on the under-layer and inking on line art layer.


There is an icon for each element in the timeline to the left of the
element name called “Add to Onion Skin”

For the layers, in the Camera Window on the right side there is an
icon that looks like an open eye called “Preview All Art Layers”.
Under that are the separate layers you can click if you only want
to see one of them.

Thanks, however I want to view the current lineart layer but onionskin the underlayers. thanks

Onion Skin represents pre/post activity not the present. You could use Onion Skin but you would have to work on a different frame.

To do what you described with everything on the same frame: You can give the rough art on the Underlay the characteristics of onion skin by changing its color and adjusting the alpha to make it transparent. People create a special pencil with these qualities to use for drawing out roughs or you can adjust the art afterwards.