One voice incorrectly synced to several mouths

I am trying to have two separate mp3s, for 2 characters to lip sync in one scene. I have put each sound into separate elements, linked to separate mouths but one character mimics the other when one speaks.
Also the characters start out in their proper sync but half way thru the scene the voices come out of sync with the images.
The voices are recorded in garageband and then exported to iTunes to be converted to mp3.

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Maybe try going on “Element” at the top then “Edit sound” then tick the “stream” button, this normally works if when you export, the sound goes out of sync, which it sounds like what is happening to you.


wouldn’t be possible for you to mix both audio tracks into one sound element? i ask because you can have only one sound element ‘streamed’. the next ones would probably have to stay out of sync…