One thing I don't like about animate

I’ve downloaded the demo and there’s no ‘one to one’ pen or brush scribe.
After I brush a stroke it appears after it reads my input.
Also anyone thing Toom Boom are coming out with a new product since they have this one discount.

what do you mean by one to one pen or brush scribe?

The after you brush the stroke it appears is a settings issue. I am not tech support but I am search if you search a bit (or someone from support will reply here) that is an issue that is easily overcome.

I don’t think they have any new products soon since Animate 2 isn’t that old and Animate 2 Pro even less so. The discounts are just part of the marketing. I imagine currently next off the rack for an update is Harmony (the one above pro) so it might be a while before we see 3. However toonboom are very receptive to feature requests and it is good to speak up in the feature requests forum if you have some good ideas.

Re one to one brush stroke issue; this is likely a video card incompatability issue. Does the card that you have meet the minimum system requirements that Toom Boom spec’ed? Check through some of the previous posts as this topic has been discussed a few times.


what are the requirements if someone posts them or a link them I can find it.
My laptop is has an intel core 2 processor 3Gb Ram and Mobile Express 4 series chipset. If that means anything to anyone,
Please help

You can always find the system requirements listed in the “System Requirements” tab of the product you’re interested. For Animate, here’s the direct link:

The problem is likely relatd to the Mobile Express 4 graphics card. I have copied here from the system requirements:

NVIDIA® or ATI® Video card fully supporting
OpenGL with 128 MB of RAM

There have been problems reported with the Intel express cards, this is most likely due to the way that their drivers support OpenGL. You can always try to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer. Also, if you’re running Windows 7 or Vista, then you can try to turn off the Aero theme and go back to a Basic theme, and this sometimes solves this issue.

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