one stays other moves?????

ok. im new to toon boom and iv done a few things on it like the bouncing ball stickman stuff and all that. but now im trying to do more detailed animations. my question is, how do u keep one part of a drawing still whill u animate the ohter part of the drawing though a few frames?

like for example, i draw a boy, now i want him to wave goodbye. all i want is to wave his hands, but i dont want to draw the whole body over and over again it just makes everything all …jagity…and shakey…i know there is a way but what do i do. please HELP…

step by step if u would.

Separate your character into layers. The number of layers (elements) depends on the desired level of independent movement you want for each part of your character. By separating the character into layers, you can “hold” some elements while you change other elements.

To “hold” an element you assign multiple exposures of the same cell across multiple frames in a sequence. While that cell doesn’t change, you can change the cells in your other elements so that they appear to be in motion. The beauty of using multiple layers is that you only have to draw or animate the parts of your character that you want to move and not redraw the parts that won’t be moving as much. Your time line might look something like this for an arm wave.

Frame 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18
Arm a1,a1,a2,a2,a3,a3,a3,a3,a2,a2,a3,a3,a3,a3,a3,a3,a2,a2
Body b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1,b1.b1.b1.b1

a1 a2 and a3 are drawings of the arm in different positions while b1 is a drawing of the characters body. -JK

thanks a bunch ;D that info alone just opened up a lot of ideas thanks…^^