One of my students has documented emotional condition I need info

This may sound like a joke but it’s not. One of my students is upset by the little set of EYES that follow your cursor around the screen.

Does anyone know of a way of Turning Off the Eyes which show up down beside the top line of the Timeline at the Extreme Left?

I would appreciate any suggestion.

I’ve thought of covering them with electrical tape on the screen…

David March

Hi williamH
Speaking of scotch tape. If the student is on a mac.This yellow stickers notes, Stickies.
Create a new sticker.Go to top menu Notes -Floating Window.
Adjust the size. Now place it above the eyes to hide them. The floating window will allways stay on top.

Best regards

Hi again

Did some surching and spotted the actual icons. They are in png. I am working in Harmony but think the following will apply to Animate Pro too. Must underline that if you do the following its on your own risk.

I Went to the application folder and opened the Harmony folder.

To find the files go Harmony-tba-recources-icons-timelinetoolbar.

Here I found the enabledisabledown.png and the enabledisableup.png

Then copied them to the desktop. Opened them and redesigned them in an image editing program. Saved back to desktop.Then removed copy from the filenames. To now change the redesigned icons with the original go into the iconsfolder rightclick choose -move to trash. Now you can move the new png files into the icons folder.
Not to loose the original files remove them from trash and store in a folder in case you will need them later.

I got the idea, remembering stevemasson suggest that one could design the cursor in a similar way. Here is the link to that thread:

Best regards