One Master Controller affecting another Master Controller

Ok, so this is what I’m trying to do with this “Master Controller Inception” thing.

I created one master controller for each eybraw of a character, since sometimes our eyebraws move different from one another, like in a doubt, or confused facial expression.

But most of the times, our eyebraws move identicall to each other, so I created a third master controller, and I maped keyframes from each of the other master controllers that manipullate the left and right eyebraws, so this “Double eyebraw” master controller would move them both at once.

When I was finished I saw that the “Double Eyebraw” master controller was moving the other two just like I intended to, but the pose was not being copyed to the anymation. Only the widgets were moving, without affecting the pegs/deformers.

So my request would be to allow a master controller to affect another one(s) (it actually already does, but it only moves the widget, but ther’s no pose being created)

Thank you!