one dongle- two computers?

hi, i want to use my storyboard pro when i come home, can i install the original version and just carry the dongle with me?thanks

Hi,That would work as long as you don’t forget the dongle at work or home. The dongle is your actual key for the software so as long as the software is installed that the location you are going and you have your dongle you can run the software at that place.Best regards,Ugo

thanks ugo!it’s good news.

Is it possible to have two dongles? For instance I am interested in Story Board Pro, but I spend 80% of my time travelling with a Mac laptop, and the rest at home on a Mac desktop. It would be nice to have two dongles.If I had two dongles, could I still use both computers at the same time?thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Hi,You would need to buy a replacement backup dongle for that. To do so please contact our sales department.Best regards,Ugo