One can only dream: A Feature List

If I had any sway with the fine programmers at Toon Boom, Harmony would have following additional features:

  1. It’s own internal 3d render engine… or support for Blender3D in place of Maya.
  2. Perspective guides like Sketchbook Pro or, preferably, Krita
  3. Inbetweening like Cacani
  4. Animated brushes like Krita

Great suggestions!

Thank you!


I forgot my MOST IMPORTANT additional feature:

  1. Mischief-style drawing layers. The feel of pixel painting, the zoom of vector drawing and an “infinite” canvas.
  1. Isn’t the same as the Dynamic Brushes in Harmony?

Luis Canau

Yes, but that only works on vector layers. I guess what I’m asking for is Dynamic Brushes for bitmap layers.

Thanks for the suggestions!