On screen line quality of vectors

I am playing around with the trial of Harmony 12 and the first thing I notice when drawing with vectors is that the screen view of the line is pretty bad. All bitmappy and not at all smooth. I know that it really is smooth, because it’s a vector, but it makes it rather hard to see the quality of your drawing if the line looks so bad. Is this normal or is there some setting that makes this look nice and smooth on screen?

This is what I see, attached.


It turns out, as the subject says, I needed to switch that on. I guess the option is there in case one does not have a powerful graphics card, but I do, so that’s better. Thanks!

I’m new, too, but I think what you want to do is turn on render mode. Depending on your workspace layout, somewhere (for me it’s right under the camera/drawing view window) you will see a pair of icons that look like a little flower. One is gray and the other is blue. If you click on the blue one, you will go into render mode and it will show you what any given frame will look like fully rendered. This is handy too if you want to see how your effects look, etc.

You can scrub to each individual frame and it will preview it. However, you can’t (at least i wasn’t able to) view your animation in render mode. II mean you can click “play” and the playhead will move, but you will only see the first and last frame, since the first frame rendered before it started, and the last rendered once it was done. I’d imagine its way too processing intensive to render each frame as you watch it. The only way I’ve found to view the fully rendered animation in motion is to actually export the movie.

Then to turn off render mode, simply click on the gray flower.

Hopefully that helps!

Thanks for your help. I was aware of those flower buttons, but clicking on them does nothing to change the on screen render quality for me. It still looks just as pixelated. Absolutely nothing happens. To be clear, I am talking about the workspace where I draw, not that little window in the camera panel.

I wonder if there is some other setting. Surprised also that it cannot preview running at decent resolution. Is that the case even with a pretty powerful graphics card?

This is going to depend on your graphics card.

Preferences => OpenGL => Enable Full Scene Antialiasing

I can share my experience that you should be seeing better quality on screen if you are on a Mac at least. I have been fortunate to be able to run Animate Pro 3 on a system that does not meet the minimum requirements. My meager MacMini is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce 320M. My lines are smoother than those in your image.

Strange. That’s not my experience at all. I definitely see a difference in the quality between the rendered and non-rendered versions. I’m attaching a line sample with render off and render on at 100% and then at 400%. Definite difference.

Interestingly, it seems with render off, the edge quality seems the same whether zoomed in or zoomed out. Obviously once rendered, the zoomed in appearance is much more pixelated, as I would expect in a raster format.

In any case, what we’re worried about, I think is the non-render quality. I think you’re right (and based on the other post here) that graphics card may make a difference. My graphics card is certainly nothing amazing, sadly, so I guess that this is what I’m stuck with for now.

I’m surprised the render doesn’t change anything for you, though. That part, is weird.


As already mentioned here, its because of the antialiasing in Harmony. Hitting Render will show you what your going to get at the resolution you are working at (HD, for the web, etc). Going into preferences, you can tell Harmony to run full screen antialiasing, however you may need to add Harmony under you graphics card settings. This generally will give you the results you are looking for without too much of a performance hit (if any at all). Look for your NVIDIA settings and look for this stuff:


hope that helps!

you know, in the past enabling full screen antialiasing never worked so hot for me. but in harmony 12 it is working much better. I do not need to add anything special to my graphic card settings to achieve antialiasing in Camera View now. good stuff.

I have seen TB recommending this be turned off when doing certain resource-intense work. Providing an On/Off option here might be more like giving you something you can live without when looking for ways to manage a beast.