omit blended overlay from middle layer underneath?

looking for a node configuration recommendation and have included a screenshot of my camera view and node view:

i’ve got 4 layers in question,
top ‘A’ (“Inflm” orange glow, which will grow) i want as a blend mode onto layers 1 ( “Endo” brick-like cell shapes, which will animate) and bottom layer ‘3’ (“Brain”),
but NOT on middle layer ‘2’ (“BS-1” artery) where i don’t want it at all.

‘2’ has to be between the other layers ‘1’ and ‘3’, and the topmost layer ‘A’ blend mode affects all below it, so i wonder if there’s a way to exclude ‘2’.
(i tried plugging ‘2’ on top while moving it back in z space, and various cutter node configurations).



hey can someone from toon boom support chime in here please?
or i can phone you guys.


send a message here to ToonBoom. that’s better

is that “submit request” page an acceptable place for a forum question? i don’t mind keeping it on the forum if it gets some responses…


You are right. Would be best to get an answer here.
I think I could give an answer but its difficult without testning myself and the image from the node view is a bit blurry.

Could you might send a link to the project ?

does this gdrive link work for you?

Yes, it worked fine.

I cloned the red image and moved it towards the back and had a cutter from the first red on the lines.

there are other ways to do it too I guess but I hope this works.

let me know.

works perfectly, thank you. figured it would be a simple solution but i missed it.
thanks for also prompting me to finally see you can drop a drawing onto another lyr’s matte area w/o using a separate cutter node!

Glad I could help.

There are a lot of things to learn in Harmony. You keep finding new things.