Old Kickstart tutorials

Can you please give me the download link f the old kickstart tutorials.

They are gone :frowning:

They should put them back up, or at put them on youtube, or let me put them on youtube or something.

While I can understand that (I imagine at the time symbols was a big thing since everyone coming flash really wants to use symbols for comfort reasons), there is no reason to not leave them as historical or something with a warning and link to your new shiney tutorials.

Everyone loves the new videos and they were what people asked for. However the overview tutorials as much as anything were good advertising. When I went from studio to Animate it was cause I watched those tutorials.

Hi Raider,

I totally understand your request and it makes sense.
I will discuss it over here.

Have a great day,


Same here. I was sold on Animate because of those videos.
Simply put, they were better. While the new videos are nice, their educational value is not as high as the Quickstart video series.
Adult education (andragogy) is not as simple as getting an expert on the subject to speak on it. There are techniques involved that are easy to learn, but not obvious to the untrained.

Thank you.

I wouldn’t argue the new ones have less education value. They teach you how to do things in detail.

What used to be the problem is you would watch the 2 hours and it would open you to a world of possibilities but there was nothing which gave you more in depth help. That is what the new tutorials do.

I think the 2 could work hand in hand rather than saying one is better than the other. They are different. Clearly you will be more knowledgable with the new ones, but the old ones get you off to a flying start.

I’m confused.

So the Kick start videos you can access from the Animate Pro 2 welcome page are different to the ones mentioned here?


They are gone. You downloaded them before and now they are on your machine.

The reason that the kick-start videos were removed is because they showed a method whereby everything was put in symbols, and we wanted to improve the tutorials to show a better method of doing the rig. We also had some complaints that the kick-start videos skipped a lot of steps and that people had some difficulty following along. That’s why we came out with the new series of video tutorials.

I think it’s better that if you want to have some tutorials that are more of a brief overview, that I bring that feedback to our documentation team so that they can do a new one with the new method.