Old files

I have a bunch of old toonboom files, i guess 2008 version 4, and I tryed to open on Studio 8.0 and on 4.5 version and didnt worked… so how can I open these files? Ps: I guess the main files are .aux, dont have any .tbpd, .tbp or any thing like these…

Hi, There,
The executable Studio files are .tbp
.aux are Animate and Harmony files
You should be open it directly in the new version.
Please go to the project folder and verify if you can see .tbp file in the folder.

I too cannot open .tbp files in Toon Boom Harmony Stage 10.3.
There seems to be a lot of good learning materials with assets saved as .tbp that I’d really like to open so I can run through the tuts, but Harmony does not even show the .tbp files.
Harmony will open .tbup files but there seems to be no way to open .tbp files or even see them from within Harmony.
Please help is there a way to improt or open .tbp files in Stage 10.3?