Old dog learning new tricks

Hi people,
There is probably a discussion based on what I’m about to ask somewhere. But I’m hoping something newer might prompt some responses.

I’ve been wanting to learn to animate, and enter paperless animation for a while, and after playing Nobody Saves the World, ended up here , 3 days into a Harmony essentials trial, realising the Graphics tablet I have may not be up to scratch, and that I am gonna need a lot of advice to get on the right path…

I wondered if anyone had any pointers in how to set about seriously in a new direction, I’ve been researching XP pen tablets, looking at the courses ToonBoom have to offer and just think I could do with a basic understanding of the basics first :dizzy_face:.

Anything I could read?
Anything I could watch?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

For Harmony learn.toonboom.com is a good place to start.

For animation reading material ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams’ and ‘The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation’.
Youtube has tons of videos on Harmony and animation in general.

If you have the money just get a Wacom. If not Brad Colbow (youtube) and 1st Teoh Yi Chie (youtube) 2nd Teoh on Tech (youtube) do reviews on drawing tablets to help with your research. In the end it is up to you!

All the best!