Okay What i really need

To all those that posted to my origianal request i thank you very much. The transition between manual photography animation layered cells, and elements was a big help in my understanding.
Keyframing and having that grasp is also a huge help. I get all that. (set the time marker and move the pegs in the toon for that 1 second) the computer fills the rest in.
But what i need is how to take a toon i created peg out the entire toon. all parts from feet to head and “save” it for re-use. I still dont know how to create a peg!! I watched the Der Der thing and it never explains how to peg. It assumes you know how to do that. I don’t.
Do that twice for two seperate toons.
My goal is to have to stick figure meet complain about the animator and look around in all the negative space. 30 seconds or so.
I need a how to peg, and animate toons. i understand nothing about the inner working of TB.
If anyone could walk me thru making a ball bounce. That would be a huge help. I just need the tip of the iceberg to get going. Once i understand how to create “motion” or the perception there of. Would be my first wall i need to break through.
I have a great idea for animation. This is a passion and is so frustrating be cause i am ignorant to the computer. I am 30 with no formal edjucation. Please help. Talk to me like i am stupid thats okay with me. ;D

Did you read the articles in my blog? Particularly the series on Keyframed Animation?


This series walks you through a complete animation step by step showing you how to use pegs and keyframing and also planning and drawn animation. Read it first then ask specific questions.

Also there are articles like:




These articles show you about drawing motion and inbetweening.

This explains the basics of the Library and reuse of assets:


If you read these tutorials and you still don’t have a clue then ask specific questions and we will try to help you. -JK