OKAY! illustrator to TBA Pro a straight HOW TO PLZ.

  1. How should the file be save out of illustrator

  2. What should you not do the the illustrator file: example No transparencies etc etc -

  3. When illustrator is imported to TBA and dragged from the library to the scene the image is blank WHY?

I seen the toonboom video on how to do this but it is not working, I even did a simple square and saved it and tried to bring it in and still when dragged to the drawing view no image nothing there.

I thank you whomever helps with this.

1- Save in .ai format including pdf option

2 - gradients yes - pattern yes - no transparencies and blend - masks yes - pathfinder yes - unexpanded calligraphic brushes yes - distortions (unexpanded appearance) yes - no styling effects - 3D shapes yes - no text (in curves only)
For other options, you would make a test document that includes them and import to the library to check results

3 - Drag the imported document directly to the “camera view” or timeline, in “drawing view”, drag your document only to timeline (left side)

All test was made using illustrator CS4, you can do the same with other versions for verify results. I hope that helps.


Thank you very much Yoryo.