Ok, I'm switching. Prepare to be wowed.

I’m late to the Toon Boom party, there’s no denying it. When I was evaluating animation software (that was not Flash) two-ish years ago I really only found two applications. Toon Boom and the Tab. I chose the Tab, and have found myself defending its actions like a battered spouse to the police.

“It didn’t mean to corrupt 14 hours of work with a simple save command.”

"If the application hadn’t of frozen right then that would have been a cool piece of animation."

You get the idea. This weekend though, I stopped making excuses, and I’m standing up for myself. I literally had to make a manual backup of my work every five minutes. Why? Well, if you’re like me, you save very often. The Tab, in its ever-loving brilliance, saves its object files by first deleting all of its existing objects from the hard drive and then attempts to re-save those objects from scratch. This process failed about twice a day, destroying all of those objects in the process.

This is but one of many injustices, my friends.

So I’ve finished this last episode (www.calicomonkey.com), and I’m determined to not go back. I’ve downloaded the Toon Boom studio trial and I have my stylus at the ready.

Plus, JK says he likes it, so that’s all I need.

hi calico,
welcome to the community (for good ?) :slight_smile:
i’m posting mostly because of your devastating news on the tab.
i was about to buy this product myself, some 1.5 years ago. then i’m glad i’ve chosen tbs.

good luck with your projects. i find them very fresh and entertaining. and i love the reduced graphics, too.

Oh the pressure of a public announcement…the bravado of youth. Just charge off into the abyss and tell the whole world. Anyway, Marty and I are available to help you as needed. You know how to reach us. -JK

That was absolutely hysterical. Class ends (I’m a teacher), I check the 'boom forum, check your cartoon, and I’m loosing it. I missed some parts of it because i was laughing too hard. Considering I rarely get out of my classroom during the day, and keep charged on coffee, that can be problematic. I’ll send you a bill for dry cleaning. ;D

I like the extra wide screen look.

jeeez, you’re right. it’s like a cinemascope.
i knew there had to be a trick behind it :stuck_out_tongue: