ok...but i need help

Im having trouble. All of the elements are under a the peg named what ever. Then the toturial says highlight all the elements there(not
the peg) and then click attach parent peg. He says that after all the drawing elements are attached to a peg with a -p next to it. But for me, only the first one has a -p next to it and is conneected to something. I want to know how to have them all with a -p and attached to a peg like in the totruial" peg hierchy"


Are you holding down the shift key as you select multiple elements? What is happening to you sounds like you aren’t selecting more than one element before you click on the attach parents button. -JK

i have all of the drawing elements highlighted. But only the first on gets connected to parent peg

Try doing them one at a time. Select an element and click the attach parent peg button and see if you get a parent peg attached to that element. Then select the next element and do the same and so on until you have all your elements with a parent attached. If this doesn’t work then that will tell you that you have something else going on which is causing these parents to not be created and attached.

One additional suggestion is to only post a series of related questions in one thread so that we don’t have to jump around to three or more threads to follow the dialog. Additionally, the more details of what you have done and are doing the easier it is for us to help identify where you may be getting confused. We want to help you otherwise we wouldn’t waste time posting replys. It may be something as simple as you have the main parent peg set as hidden and that is causing the problem. I don’t think that is the reason but I’m just giving you an example of some simple thing that can have significant consequences. The devil is in the details so you have to tell us exactly what you are doing or have done for us to get some clues - thanks - JK

Well, thanks so far, but iy says since i have toon boom studio express v3 i cant have more then two pegs and a camera. Will this not alllow to me to do it?

I can’t answer that because I only use TBS V3 but it is important in the future that you always state the application and version with questions otherwise we may not realize you are trying to use features your application or version doesn’t support -JK

yes, toonboom express supports only 2 pegs. you’re not able to create more, sorry.
and as jk says, always give the necessary information before anybody starts to ponder about your problem.

So then how am i supposed to animate using cut out if i cant have all
of the drawing elements attached to pegs? Im not sure how to animate now. I dont want to have to do frame by frame anime with drawing every picture again after…Dang…So whats the good of v3

I understand your frustration. TB Xpress is designed to be an entry level tool just to get people started. It is very limited in its features compared to TBS. So the short answer is if you want the more powerful features you need to upgrade. But you can learn and practice a significant amount of animation technique before you abandon TB xpress. TBS is a wonderful product and has significant capabilities. I personally don’t understand why they released Xpress. It is nice as a very limited basic tool but it is so limited that it is sure to frustrate someone like yourself in a very short time. I hope you don’t let that frustration cloud your opinion of TBS because that would be a real shame. It is well worth the difference in price. I am not connected to Toon Boom Technologies so this is strictly a user’s opinions. They do need some help in better understanding the consumer market place, their products are very good but their marketing is a real short coming. -JK

tb express has many limitations, the biggest ones being the 2-peg and 1000-frames issues, but that’s why the price is the 1/8 of the full studio version.

the automatic shape tweening in solo and many more exciting features requires you to pay 7.5 times the tb studio price.

there is always a ‘quid pro quo’ in life.

Alright, this would of helped to know like 3 months ago. :smiley: ha.
Well, how exactly do you animate on express v3. i reall yodnt see the point. Just wondering. ;D

pegs are important for doing tweening and nice extra things like that, but you can do classical traditional animation really well without ever doing any of that stuff. And you have a fully movable camera so you are in great shape to do regular cel animation. Like people have done for the past 70 plus years. You could make really cool cartoons and never use more than one or two pegs total. -JK

tbexpress is just a starter kit. 1000 at a 15 fps rate is roughly one minute of an animation. when you don’t use pegs (i do rarely), then you can produce many full fledged web animations for just a mere $50.

Thanks everyone for all your help. I will probobly upgrade sooner or later but il try to do some traditional animation on it. Thanks! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

By the way if you actually bought Toon Boom Studio Express you can get tutorials that were made for that version in the download section (under your member account/my product/ download hyperlink), there should be sample files and tutorials there.

Those ones were made to show you the extent of the software so you shouldnt get any other problems like the one you had.