Offset pencil texture a random amount per stroke?

Hi all,

I really love the feel of the charcoal pencil texture, however, I’ve noticed that it always appears to lay down the texture in the exact same way. If you draw three pencil lines with the charcoal texture next to each other, you’ll see that they have the exact same pattern.

I also noticed that if you use the Edit Gradient/Texture tool, you can slide the texture along the stroke, making it look slightly different.

I’ve attached an image demonstrating how they look better with this offset. The four strokes on the right have had their textures offset, while the four strokes on the right are the default pencil stroke with charcoal texture.

I was wondering, is there a way to automate this so that every time you start to draw with the pencil it will slide the texture along the stroke a random amount?


I don’t think you can do that, because when you work with pure vector there is no option to randomize. But I think you can have similar results using a brush with textured vector, creating something similar to the charcoal pencil texture. Then you can adjust the random size, angle and spacing. If you deactivate anti-aliasing you’ll have a closer look to the vector texture. Or using bitmap (and you have a charcoal preset, though it looks quite different from the vector texture), but with vector textured brushes you can edit the lines with the Centerline Editor.

If would be nice to have some sort of random variations to the vector pencil textures, but I don’t think they were build with that in mind, they were just meant to replace a standard black line with a (fixed) texture.