Offset paintbrush or pressure senstivity

When I have 'Use Qt Wintab Support checked in advanced preferences then the paint brush is off set by approx 20 mm in the drawing window. It is fine on the rest of the interface.

When the box is unchecked it solves the offset problem, but the pen has no pressure sensitivity

I’m running the software on a Microsoft Surfacebook 2 , windows 11

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the correct wacom drivers, and tried all display settings.

I also have a Surface Book 2 and I can say I have no offset issues when drawing in Harmony with an official Surface Pen.

However, I’m running Windows 10 on mine and have a Wintab Driver installed which allows other animation and illustration apps like Adobe Animate to recognize pen pressure for the surface pen.

In Harmony, I also have to disable “Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support” in the Advanced settings to get pen pressure to work, as you mentioned, but that doesn’t cause me any offset issues on my Surface Book 2.

So if you are using a Surface Pen as well, it might be worth uninstalling the Wacom drivers since the Surface Pen doesn’t use Wacom tech and then try installing the official Wintab Driver from Microsoft’s Drivers and Firmware Download page below:

Download Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware. from Official Microsoft Download Center

Microsoft doesn’t list the Wintab Driver on the Surface Book 2’s firmware page which is why I shared the Surface Pro 4’s page instead as it is available there, and the driver still works on Surface Book 2 as it is what I use on all my Surface devices. (Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 6, and Surface Book 2).