Official Lessons Do Not Support Older Versions of TBS?

Just to clarify, do the official lessons as downloaded from the TBS4 start page only now work with TBS5? We have TBS4 for mac and TBS4.5 for PC and both those machines cannot run the tuts (Drawing, Painting, LipSync, Sceneplanning, etc). So I am downloading the newest trial to use them. Is that right? thx!!!

This is correct. The official lessons from the website are for the most current version of the software, in this case, TBS 5. To access tutorials for TBS4, log into your account on the Toon Boom website. Go to the my registered products section, and you should be able to download the tutorials for you registered software there.

It would be helpful if you mentioned that on the web site rather than burying it here in the forums.

I bought 4.5 to try it out and have wasted much time trying to figure this out.