off the top of my head...

dont get me wrong, i LOOOVE the software!
these are just some ideas which would make it even more great :smiley:
for me anyway :slight_smile:

i hope these are not redundant…

-vector export (ai, eps)
-drag-n-drop asset import from explorer
-autosave at selectable time intervals
-windows should STAY maximized (once set)
-path animation along drawn bezier-splines
-ability to connect multiple elements to all fx nodes (where sensable)
-all parameters animatable (like element on/off)
-non crashing quicktime support on pc (change audio setting-> crash)
-crossfade/mix node
-order node
-ability to set more than 2 exposure shortcuts (on 1s, on 2s, etc)
-scrollwheel for zooming/parameterchange
-turn off rendering viewport automatically if it is invisible (when you have two tabs camera/drawing and you are in drawing but forgot to turn rendering the viewport off with the flower icon, it renders any change regardless if its visible or not, making the whole programm sluggish)<br />-layers locked status should be retained with saving
-expandable timecurves in timeline (like in ae)
-batchrendering (not network rendering! - although i wouldn`t mind it ;))
-better, more flexible stepping editor for tweens
-indicators on composite nodes which side is up/front
-better cpu utilization while rendering on multicore systems (i7)
-transparency support for ai-import
-network auto layout option (like in animo)

I agree autosave should be an option (i probably wouldn’t use it). I would like a way to create a backup without creating a whole new folder(i know this would back up all the files in the subfolders). But it would make things easier if the backup didn’t have to have a new folder.

With the network cleanup, you do know there is a script for that?

-autosave at selectable time intervals
-ability to connect multiple elements to all fx nodes (where sensable)
-all parameters animatable (like element on/off) (very maya of you)
-layer`s locked status should be retained with saving
/ agree

-indicators on composite nodes which side is up/front: up is always left or always right, you can change it in your preferances. so this is a bit redundant.

-batchrendering - Harmony has this option- I guess they just save it for the awesomest version of their software.


im not 100% sure (have to test it more, maybe i got the wrong impression because it seems this setting is changed only after re-starting the program), but i think the composite nodes ordering is saved with the file. i know of course i can set in in preferences, but if i get scenes from other people it might switch.

i know about harmony, but batchrendering is “less awesome” than a full network renderer (which harmony also has)…so by that “logic”, they could put it in their “lesser” animate line ;D

batch renderer i had in mind = local on one(!) machine with no added renderpower, just a way to sequentially render more than one scene without having to open /close the program 1000 times and waiting for it to render each time. i`d be even satisified if the batch renderer would block the use of animate while rendering…

This is a great list. Thanks for the input. Can you tell me what exact software are you using? Animate Pro 2?

There are only a couple of items that I would like clarification on:

-ability to connect multiple elements to all fx nodes (where sensable)
You can connect elements to a composite node and then run them through any fx node. Is there a reason why this would not work for you?

-non crashing quicktime support on pc (change audio setting-> crash)
This is fixed in any of the newer versions (Animate 2, Animate Pro 2). This is a problem that was actually introduced by a Quicktime software update, so if you are experiencing this problem, then you can downgrade to an older version of Quicktime to solve this. We cannot control the updates that Quicktime chooses to do. :slight_smile:

-batchrendering (not network rendering! - although i wouldn`t mind it )
If you have harmony then you can set up the batch rendering on a local machine. All you have to do is create a local database then you can still work in database mode and do local batch rendering. I hear you though on wanting to have the option for Animate Pro, and we will discuss this.

-network auto layout option (like in animo)
We already have a “Network Order Up” script built-in to the software that should help you with this. Just select the bottom node (like your composite or display module) and then click the button. You can find it in the Network View toolbar as well as the Scripting toolbar.

Thanks again for all the valuable input!

Toon Boom Support

more stuff id like:<br /><br />-hold value editor capable of MULTIPLE ranges with different hold values (like 1-20 on 3s, 21-30 on 1s, 31-50 on 4s, etc)<br /><br />-ability to set the composite node where newly imported layers are added to <br /><br />-vectorization settings should be retained from last import (i have to select the setting EVERY TIME anew because it always defaults to the same WRONG one) if it would just remember its last state it would be perfect!<br /><br />-also: after selecting the files to vectorize the cursor SEEMS to be in the namefield for "create single layer" (which would make sense!), BUT if you type to change the name it types in the FILE-field!!!!<br />this is beyond annoying and propably easily fixed...please do! :)<br />it also would be nice if you then could just hit ENTER to start the importing/vectorizing.<br /><br />-zooming should always go to where the mousepointer is, NOT to the center of the screen/viewport.<br /><br />-automatic mousefocus should work across multiple screens /windows<br /><br />-in the "set ease for multiple parameters" dialog when you enter something and press "apply/next" (which pressing ENTER should also do!), the cursor should be directly in the logically next entry box so you can continue entering the values.<br /><br />-playback in drawing mode<br /><br />-"remove dirt" should work across all selected layers with ONE click, and it should retain its last setting<br /><br />-mousewheel scrolling speed in timeline is normal on left side, but ultraslow on the right side (like 1 pixel per step compared to 1 layer per step on the left) is this by design? because i find it very annoying... i cant think of any scenario where this behaviour would be preferred.

-ability to select multiple non-adjacent layers in the timeline. (CTRL+click)

-option to always show frame the mousecursor is over at any given moment (timeline and x-sheet)

-ability to add ONE peg to multiple elements (if you press the “add peg” button it adds one peg to EACH selected element)


ps: as long as there are no further replies i will be adding stuff to this post.